Leaving Earth Helper

This page is a small tool that let you check your itinerary. It just makes sure your rockets were powerfull enough to let you pass all the stages of your itinerary


  1. Choose your itinerary from origin (Earth most of time), to destination
  2. Fill the data exactly like presented in the rulebook.
  3. Press the Ignition below the itinerary in order to check if your calculation was right.

Click here to see an example.


This example can be found in the rulebook, at the Mission Planning chapter, pages 34 to 36. It describes how you should fill the form to launch a rocket to the moon, with a final payload of 1.

For each stage, you have to fill the total payload so far, without the rocket(s)' payload used to reach this stage. Then, just add the rocket(s) needed to reach this stage from the previous one

Rocket(s) :